Renewing Your Vows

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Celebrating Years of Love with a Vow Renewal

Marriage is such an interesting thing in that every experience is truly unique. Aside from differing circumstances prior to their wedding, all couples go through their own path of ups and downs. Vow renewals serve different purposes for many husbands and wives. Some of them go through difficult times and want to acknowledge their continual strength as a pair. There are others that never had a grandiose celebration and decide to host a big event for friends and family.

Vow renewal is a custom that is honored at the appropriate time. It may come shortly after marriage or it may be a half century later. Certain spouses feel that reaffirming their original commitment with help unite their bond for the days and years to come. Whether you are interested in having a lavish reception or one that is more private, a renewal ceremony can be a very relieving experience. The Bay Area offers a great set of possible locations.

These events can be as similar or different from a traditional wedding as desired by a couple. Certain people decide to repeat the vows from their original ceremony or at least use parts of them. Others may fashion new sets of words that are more based on their life experiences together. Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have about the vow renewal process.

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