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Since 2004, it has always been a great pleasure for me to be the officiant of same sex marriages. These always provide me with an unbelievable honor as a participant in the legal expression of love for these couples. The support and enthusiasm of attending friends and family is always especially heartwarming and memorable. I am always elated to see them living happy lives together to this day.

It is my honest belief that same sex couples deserve true marriage equality. I support everyone’s right to choose their mate based on love for one another and an enjoyment of life together. It is unfortunate that there is ever anyone that would try to take legal action against this privilege. Same sex couples deserve to live in civil union, whether through a private symbolic ceremony or a legally recognized wedding. Everyone deserves to share equally and fully in the commitments, responsibilities, and rights of marriage. (See below for recommendations of venues, hotels etc.)

Many of the same sex couples that I have worked with enjoy working with me to create the most unique experience possible. Some look forward to taking advantage of one of the many picturesque locations in the Bay Area, whether it be a well-known backdrop or one of the many local parks. Others are more interested in a private setting at a nice restaurant or in a hotel suite. As a San Francisco resident for over 30 years and an experienced marriage officiant, I have learned about many of the best places to conduct these ceremonies.

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